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Title: Prodigal, Prologue: The Second Betrayal
Canon: Dragon Age
Characters/Pairing: Greagoir, Irving, Cullen, Jowan, Maric, Loghain, Petra, Larryn, Maebh/Cailan
Rating: Chapter: E Story: M, for consensual het sex
Warnings: none
Word Count: Chapter: 4,043 Story: 71,100
Story Summary: A mage with a terrible secret attempts to survive the Blight and the powerful people who would like nothing better than for her to disappear for good.
Chapter Summary: Ten years before the Fifth Blight, a rendezvous between two love-sick teenagers has dire consequences for one of them.

The Second Betrayal )
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Title: The Amazing Adventures of Pilar Brosca, Dwarf of Orzammar: Chapter One - Daddy Long Legs
Canon: Dragon Age
Characters/Pairing: Pilar, Leske, Duncan
Rating: E
Warnings: none
Word Count: 1,500
Story Summary: A series of vignettes about pivotal moments in the life of Pilar Brosca. Updated occasionally.
Chapter Summary: Pilar meets a human for the first time, and her life is never the same.

Daddy Long Legs )
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Title: Me and Godwin Down by the Schoolyard
Canon: Dragon Age
Characters/Pairing: Niall, Godwin, Jowan, Maebh
Rating: E
Warnings: none
Word Count: 1,442
Summary: The children of the Circle Tower celebrate Saturnalia

Me and Godwin Down by the Schoolyard )
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Title: Seven Deadly Sins of Thedas, Sin Three: Gluttony - Bread
Canon: Dragon Age
Characters/Pairing: Loghain, Gareth, Eilidh
Rating: E
Warnings: none
Word Count: 1127
Summary: The beginning of Loghain's hatred of Orlais, and the first of his regrets.

Sin Three: Gluttony )

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