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I've had this account for almost as long as I've had my LiveJournal, but I don't do all that much with it. So I've decided to start using it as a fic archive. I'll be updating this post with links as I upload fic. Right now, nearly everything is Dragon Age. I don't expect that to change any time soon, but who knows?

Follow the cuts for explanations on what I'm doing here and how things are classified:


Because I write mostly about video games, I'm going to use the ESRB Rating System. I will also give an explanation for why I have rated the fic in that way.


I will warn for non-con, dub-con, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and drug/alcohol use. There are other things that, if I write them, I will warn for. But so far they haven't come up so it isn't relevant. If you ever read something that you feel I should have warned for, first of all: I apologize. I try to be thorough and I am sincerely sorry if you've read something that made you uncomfortable. Second, please let me know so I can edit the warnings and ensure that I don't harm anybody else in that way. This is something I take seriously.


The "canon" tag is to differentiate what game universe I'm basing my story on.

Canon: Dragon Age is tagged on every story I have written in the Dragon Age universe. Canon: Mass Effect is tagged on every story I have written in the Mass Effect Universe.


If a character is labeled "Character: Name Here", that means the character in question had a name and was not a possible PC in the game.

If a character is labeled "Original Character: Name Here", that means that the character in question is either the PC, made up out of whole cloth, or a character that existed in the books/games but was never actually named i.e. Loghain's mother, the drunk elf in the Denerim Alienage in Dragon Age: Origins, etc.

Series Status/Story Status

If a story is tagged Story Status: Complete, that means I have no plans to write additional chapters. For all intents and purposes, the story is over.

If a story is tagged Story Status: In Progress, that means I have plans to write additional chapters within that particular story.

If a story is tagged Series Status: Complete, that means I have no plans to write additional prequels, sequels, concurrent stories or AUs in that universe or to go along with that collection.

If a story is tagged Series Status: In Progress, that means I have plans to write additional prequels, sequels, concurrent stories or AUs set in that universe.

To sum up:

A story tagged "Story Status: Complete, Series Status: Complete" is over. Done and done. There are no more chapters to come and I have no plans to write anything else in that universe A story tagged "Story Status: Compete, Series Status: In Progress" is over, but there may be a sequel or something else planned to go along with it.

A story tagged "Story Status: In Progress, Series Status: In Progress" can either mean that as soon as that individual story is over, the series will be over. Or it could mean that there are additional epilogues, prequels, etc. planned as well.

There will be nothing tagged "Story Status: In Progress, Series Status: Complete" unless I've made some kind of mistake.


Completed Dragon Age Stories

Alone, Together

A glimpse at Kallian Tabris' life before she joined the Wardens. Kallian/Alarith, one shot


What if Maebh had refused the Dark Ritual and taken the final blow herself? AU, one shot


The beginning of Loghain's hatred of Orlais, and the first of his regrets. one shot

Fortunate Son

Isolde is no warrior, and her father is a powerful man. How can she ensure the child's safety? one shot

Love in the Time of Lyrium

A young woman taught to hate herself and a young man determined to never be tied down to anything find themselves drawn to each other against their own better judgment. Anders/Keili, one shot

Me and Godwin Down by the Schoolyard

The children of the Circle Tower celebrate Saturnalia, one shot

Sins of the Father

What if Maebh had let Alistair execute Loghain at the Landsmeet? Maebh/Alistiar, AU, one shot


When Alistair is the Warden who tries to free the party from the Fade, Morrigan forgets the first rule: Don't trust anything, not even your own senses. one shot


When faced with adversity, some become heroes, some just try to get by, and some give up. one shot

Completed Mass Effect Stories

We'll Always Have Omega

A series of encounters between two people. One trying to find the man she remembers, one trying to remember the woman he lost. Disparate people go to desperate measures. Garrus/OC, multi-chapter


In Progress Dragon Age Stories

The Amazing Adventures of Pilar Brosca: Dwarf of Orzammar-Born a Duster, joined to the Wardens, befriended the Qunari, defeated the Crows, fell in love with a prince, saved countless elves and some mages, won two Provings, chose the ruler of both men and dwarves, killed three dragons and two paragons, bested the Hero of River Dane, ended a Blight, defeated the Architect, and died a hero.

A series of vignettes about pivotal moments in the life of Pilar Brosca.

In Progress Dragon Age Series

Seven Deadly Sins of Thedas

So far I have four sins written, pride, sloth, gluttony, and wrath and I plan to write the other three at some point.

One Hundred Years of Stubbornness

The stories set in the Maebh Amell Mac Tir universe

Memories of My Melancholy Dwarves

The stories set in the Pilar Brosca universe

Fic Mix

Fic Mix

Sometimes I'll make a fic mix for the stories I write. Feel free to download if it interests you! Also, please let me know if the download links aren't working.

Also, feel free to make use of the fic archiving comms I started: [community profile] library_of_alex and [ profile] library_of_alex. Membership is open, all fandoms accepted!

Thanks for visiting!
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