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As we've been using the irc channels more frequently, I thought I'd write up a few guidelines on how to use it so that we're all clear.

Currently we have four permanent, registered channels:

Fade Bar

the Grotto

the Beach

Garrick and Gavin's Hayloft

Here Be Dragons


A few things about the IC channels first. NSFW activities between the characters can and do break out pretty frequently. It's probably best that you assume that the IC channels are NSFW at all times, and view-at-your-own-risk. Also, if you are using one of the main channels for NSFW activities, be aware that lurkers are common. (Sealcat and Laica like to watch O_O)

Special Note: The hayloft is generally lurker-friendly, but Ambientwhispers and Elysium may request that lurkers leave when they are working on scene.

If you are in multiple channels at once, please nick to make it clear where your character is actually active and where they are lurking. For example, if Laica is on the beach, I would change her name to LaicaBeach, etc. If she is in the main room, I would change her name to LaicaMain. This way nobody will be surprised if they think they're in private when they're not. The command for this is "/nick Name" where "Name" is whatever you want your new name to be.

Brief OOC messages for logistical purposes are fine in the IC channels, but please keep the bulk of the OOC talk to the OOC channel.

Some special guidelines for the OOC channel:

First, like with the IC channels, assume that all links are NSFW. Feel free to ask if you're curious, but this is an NSFW crowd, so that should be your default assumption.

Please keep the channel clear of discussion of the normal touchy subjects of religion and politics. You are always welcome to discuss these things in private messages or open a separate channel. But I would like the main channel to remain neutral on these topics.

Currently, Sealcat is an op in every channel, I am an op in OOC, Fade_Bar, and Beach, and Tracy is an op in Grotto. If we make requests to adjust your behavior, please do so accordingly. Additionally, if you are having problems with the behavior of anybody else in these channels, please feel free to ask us for assistance if you are having difficulty resolving the issue on your own.

Making new temporary channels is as easy as typing #newchannel and clicking on it or /join #newchannel. If you would like your channel to become registered and permanent, please let me know.

And finally, whenever you start a new character that you plan to have around, please remember to register your nicks: /msg nickserv register PASSWORD EMAIL and link your nicks: /msg nickserv link NAME PASSWORD. That way nobody can take over your character when you're not around.

I think that about covers it! Feel free to use this space to bring up any problems you may have. I'll set comments to screened, and only unscreen if I think the question and my answer will help other people.
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